Thursday, 21 March 2013

A balance between the pious and the 'not so' pious

I've rarely liked any lessons of my coarse book be it science Hindi or even English but there was this particular poem in my English textbook named Flamingo that intrigued and sort of tantalized me to delve deep into.
The poem was "Thing of beauty", my teacher was explaining it to us with expressions and feelings at their hike when a line "in spite of all, Some shape of beauty moves away the pall From our dark spirits" struck a chord in my heart, I started delving deeper and deeper into the immense meaning this little line bore. Beauty without form-God, yes the supreme creator, the formless "shakti" that is driving the entire universe. You might think it stupid of me to think about god while learning a mere poem but well this is the thing of beauty for me.
Any beautiful thing we see, every beautiful moment we spent with our loved ones, every beautiful thought that pops in our mind is due to him whom many of us call our "higher being" or the "unconscious being". While many people accept this theory with reverence and are explicit in telling their tales how god supports them, many other are rather apprehensive of this matter being discussed in public and flout the former people of being merely credulous and lacking scientific instinct of reason. But the truth or rather the fact is that there's not a single person in this universe whose not affected by the ethereal beauty of god and the apprehensive people,  they too relent deep into their hearts that every little thing in their life is due to his grace. To understand this fact I took hindsight of my meeting with a number of people mostly from the science background like doctors, scientists, because they form a major part of the latter people, and even teachers.
To my stupefaction I found one thing strikingly common in them. When I met the scientist, he was in his lab working, I talked about a discovery he was perfecting on hybridizing two plants. When he was there he gave me an enormous bulk of reasons which brought the chances of the success of his discovery to a mere 45% but he was still working day and night on it since two years and would may be have to work for  more years. The thought of working for 2 or even more years without the assurance of succeeding made me tumultuous and I wondered why on earth was this man wasting his time! But when this same scientist came to my house for dinner, what he said cleared my doubts. He says though my brain calculates the chances of success to be 45%, my heart consoles me; it reminds me of my god who’s there to help me through.
As for the policeman, my uncle,  when you meet him in the police station and regard any mishappening  as a god’s will or karma, he’s surely to shoot you with his bullet (kidding).But when you meet him and appreciate what a beautiful house he has, he’ll say- “everything is because of god’s grace”.
The doctor, my friend chides her interns if they enunciate the words-“leave it on god”. But at home she says,” Whatever I am is because of that supreme force”.
The teachers who chided us the entire year for not studying, “No miracle is going to happen during exams!” were the same to distribute sweets, flowers and bless us with “now leave everything on god”.
So the picture would be pretty clear to you now. The common thing between them is that they behave as rationalists when professional but are just the opposite deep within.  All of these people who claim to be perfect rationalists are in fact staunch believers of god but they don’t show it maybe because it would look so incongruent if a scientist whose trying to discover and invent say I believe in god so what is the need to do this when he’s there. The doctor too if agrees to let the interns leave it on god, maybe they won’t do their bit, and the students, they might not study even slightly if told to leave it on god. So it is done in order to make the people work, as many may leave everything on god and sit idle, which is not at all right. God can give us wheat but we have to grow it in order to eat.
Since long had I been noticing that a number of people who don’t accept god’s presence in public were being despised so it was indispensable for me to do my part in clearing the air. This was my endeavor to show that a balance is required in the universe between everything one of which is the balance between the pious and not so pious people.

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